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I accept writing assignments in just about any genre for any type of business or organization. I have been published in print in various parenting magazines, local newspapers, and highlighted on national news networks.

In the digital world, I write for businesses and non-profits alike. Home pages, marketing articles, blog posts and technical writing assignments are all accepted. My writing rates include research on the topic as well as clear, detailed verbiage on the requested topics.

I accept all inquiries via the Home Page contact form. If I accept the job, I will email you back for clarification along with an estimated delivery target date. All payment is accepted via PayPal.

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Combat Bullying Through Martial Arts Education

Bullying has reached epidemic proportions in our schools.  What used to be viewed as a normal part of childhood is now widely condemned, but that doesn’t mean it still isn’t happening.  For many children, especially the shy, quiet kids, bullying can cause long-lasting problems with self-esteem, academic success, and behavior. Learning martial arts may be one of the best ways to both combat bullying and teach kids how to assert themselves in healthy ways…

Fired for No Reason – What Are My Rights?

If you have recently been fired, but don’t know why, you probably have many questions.  Besides worrying about where to get your next paycheck, you want to know what your legal rights are, and if you have any recourse.  The answers are varied, depending upon your individual circumstances, but there are some standards associated with employment and firing…

Jury Decides – Use of N-word Is Unacceptable in the Work Place

The verdict is in as a jury has answered the often-debated issue of whether or not the use of the N-word is acceptable.  The short answer is no.  At least not in the workplace. Many New Jersey residents first heard about this issue from the much-publicized Johnson vs. Carmona and STRIVE case earlier this month.  Brandi Johnson brought a four-minute long recorded tirade of her boss, Rob Carmona, to court to play for the jury.  Carmona, manager and founder of the STRIVE employment training program, was found guilty of workplace discrimination and operating a hostile work environment…

May is National Youth Traffic Safety Month

Motor vehicle crashes are one of the leading causes of death for teens in New Jersey.  Studies show that fatalities from car crashes occur more frequently in the spring than in any other season. As a result, each spring brings with it a Youth Traffic Safety initiative. Last year, New Jersey and many other states designated May as “National Youth Traffic Safety Month…”

Personal Injury Calculator

Suffering a personal injury can have devastating, long-lasting effects. Recovering from physical pain is only the tip of the iceberg. Rehabilitation, loss of wages from missed work, loss of personal property, disruption of your daily life, stress and worry all weigh heavily on victims. It is the magnitude of the sum total of all of these factors that must be considered when attempting to quantify the amount of personal injury compensation…

Potential Upside of the Foreclosure Crisis

Today’s economic instability has Americans cringing at news of foreclosure, unemployment, and inflation.  While most are worried about maintaining the status quo, some are seeing the potential upside of the housing crisis. The real estate market has changed to offer unique opportunities to small-time investors who don’t mind getting their hands dirty.  The big banks who now own many of the foreclosed properties aren’t selling them off in large lots as many had anticipated.  Instead, as the Wall Street Journal reported, they’re holding onto the properties and trying to make more off individual sales…

Preventing and Thawing Frozen Pipes

When temperatures drop below freezing, it’s a good idea to take some precautions around your house to prevent damage from freezing.  Just as you go to the grocery store to stock up before a snow storm, you should also take some preventative measures to ensure that your pipes will not freeze, which could cause expensive repairs down the line. When pipes freeze, any water inside them expands, which could cause cracks, leaks, or even a larger rupture.  A few simple precautions could keep your pipes intact, and your water running freely…

The Do’s & Don’ts of Finding a Great Wedding Photographer

Every bride knows that no wedding detail matters more than her wedding photography. After the date has passed and your dress has been dry cleaned and preserved, only your photos remain as a reminder of your special day. Therefore, it is important to choose the right photographer to preserve your memories the way you want them. With so many wedding photographers out there, how can you find the right fit for you?

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