Episode 11 Productions 10-Year Anniversary Milestone

Press Release – Episode 11 Productions 10-Year Anniversary Milestone

Charlotte, NC – Stellar video production company, Episode 11 Productions, is proud to celebrate their ten-year anniversary business milestone. Sparked by their love of film and keen eye for marketing trends, owners Randy Davis and Beth Sowell have fanned the flames of their company’s growth to full conflagration.

In ten short years, they have taken Episode 11 Productions from the corner of a dining room table to all corners of the video marketing world. This ten-year anniversary brings with it an award to help mark this milestone of success. Episode 11 is proud to be recognized with a spot on Clutch’s 2017 Top Video Production Companies list!

At their recent anniversary party, owners, Davis & Sowell described what drove them to this point. They had a simple goal: to bring cinema-style video productions to the corporate world at a reasonable budget. They had witnessed too many crews on the sets of other productions packed with standby assistants, who did little more than stand by and stare at their phones. By stream-lining the process and working with a smaller crew of dedicated professionals, they offer the same high-quality film results at affordable rates for smaller businesses.

How did this upstart company go from unknown to renowned? Episode 11’s history is as unique as its owners. Randy Davis, a military veteran, and Beth Sowell, a former event planner found themselves sharing a quirky love for cinema production and ‘90s sitcoms.

They ventured out to trade shows and networking events and found that there was an untapped market for affordable cinema-style productions available to businesses. They funneled all early income directly back into the business to purchase the most effective production tools and techniques available.

While the first few years were lean, with all finances funneled back into the company, they now are a well-oiled machine. Because of their smart early investments, they can offer Fortune 100-style productions at an everyman price tag.

Episode 11 Productions is unlike any other video production company around. They treat clients like family, preferring personal interaction over cold forms and cookie-cutter categories. This personal style allows them to understand clients’ needs before they can articulate it themselves.

It is this personal approach that has earned Episode 11 the very success they celebrate now on their 10-year anniversary. Consumers are no different than the video production clients. Consumers respond to the end video result and Episode 11’s clients respond to Davis, Sowell and their crew. That much was apparent at their anniversary party held at their studio, where they celebrated their humble beginnings and toasted their 10-year milestone.

Get to know this award-winning production team as they celebrate their ten years of success and look forward to building more relationships and cinematic experiences in the future!

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